Sayaka Ganz – Impressions and Reflections

Jennifer Ford Art presents the most complete and varied body of work from Sayaka Ganz. The new exhibition, Impressions and Reflections, will have its opening on January 28 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Jennifer Ford Art, 3223 Carroll Road. Returning to her scholastic pursuits, Ganz offers her first series of prints produced in over 10 years. Previously, her considerable notoriety and acclaim center around her sculptures composed of found objects and recycled materials which form energetic, spiritual animal figures. Her new prints capture the creative dynamism of the original sculptures while also bringing them into our consciousness in new and unexpected ways.

“Impressions and Reflections refers to the impressionistic style of my sculptures and the printmaking process, mirror reflections, as well as reflections upon what we are doing to our environment.” By uniting prints and sculptures into one space, Ganz’s works will demonstrate her journey as an artist dedicated to an awareness of our ecological footprint.

The main gallery will include prints, metal sculptures, and plastic sculptures. Additionally, Ganz will collaborate with engineer Jim Merz to construct an immersive sensory environment installation with moving sculpture, mirrors and light. Ganz’s travels and experiences from around the world inform this unique exhibition while remaining accessible to all levels of art enthusiasts.