Advisory Services

Jennifer Ford Art provides full art advisory services which help individuals, institutions, government entities, real estate developers, and corporations purchase art for their homes and offices. JFA specializes in contemporary art and emerging artists. We offer collection management services for clients with large collections and also curate emerging artist exhibitions for our clients.

Art Advisory

Jennifer Ford Art’s aim is to facilitate the relationship between artists, collectors, institutions and art venues, thereby enabling us to offer an impressive portfolio of services for our clients worldwide. JFA assists in the acquisition, sale and commission of public and private artworks within the complex global market using discretion and confidentiality. Through a combination of independent expert advice, diligent and extensive research, we are able to deliver the highest quality service to our clients.

Art Tourism

Jennifer Ford Art assists collectors, artists, and creative professionals navigate the geography of the art world, from art fairs and biennales to cities known for their public art and artist neighborhoods known globally for their density of studios and exhibition spaces.

Economic Development

Jennifer Ford Art specializes in translating the value of the art world for economic development agencies.  In the ever complex field of global capital, the art world is becoming an arbiter of the success of cities and the heralds of a metro areas ascendance into becoming a global city.  We believe that all development must be balanced to assist all forms of citizenry, be it corporate or corporeal, and find innovative ways to assure the health of all those impacted by it.

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