Current Exhibition

Various Artists, Surface

Jennifer Ford Art is pleased to announce Surface, by Joel Fremion, Ben Keffer, Sara Nordling, Robin Kang, Daren Pitts Redman, Katherine Rohrbacher, Teresa Stephens and Deb Washler from May 5th through July 22nd, 2017.

Surface Contemporary artists will display new work using experimental materials and techniques in fabrics, fibers, textiles, weaving, works on paper, and needlepoint. The exhibition will feature emerging and established regional, national, and international contemporary artists.

Works will include textiles rooted in traditional and contemporary approaches to fiber art. Fiber art practices have a regional historical significance within our local craft history.

In today’s contemporary technologically fueled world, textile artists are finding new ways to work with traditional materials, creating a dialog with the past and reflecting the significance contemporary culture on our lives today. This work is the fine art that becomes part of families and individuals everyday lives, helping them to find a look that aligns with their taste, making that a part of their home and life.