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Carnie’s Coup

Jennifer Ford Art is pleased to announce Carnie’s Coup, a group exhibition by Daniel Baxter, Jerrod Tobias, and Jason Rowland. Twentieth century philosopher Mikhail Bakhtin wrote about the “carnivalesque,” a term that describes carnivals in Medieval Europe which allowed temporary anarchy against the political, legal and ideological authorities of both church and state. Carnivals provided individuals an opportunity to engage in public discourse about new ideas and challenge the oppressions they faced.


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Nazar Harran, Marks of Intention

Jennifer Ford Art is pleased to announce Marks of Intention, a series of new and revisited paintings by Nazar Harran from September 30 through November 15, 2016, with an opening reception to the public on September 30 from 6-9 PM.

Although abstract in nature, Harran intentionally highlights the overlooked components of an image through his intentional use of color, form, and scale. He explains his paintings as “instruments of reflection; like a mirror’s surface, they reflect the world around us.” This individual painting style, a cross between Expressionism, Impressionism, and Pointillism, brings his canvases life.

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